Safety and Security

  • Guard your anonymity

You should always keep your safety first, no matter what happens. Please don’t ever give your profile user name and password to anyone because they might leak your personal information on the internet, or might use your account to do illegal work. Remember, no one from Luvmelody (even our own staff) will ever ask you for your user name and password. So, please guard your anonymity at all cost.

  • Don’t rush – Begin with e-mails

Before creating a profile on Luvmelody, we highly suggest that you should create an e-mail account exclusively for our website so that it would not contain any fragile information of you. This will guarantee your online safety when you begin to start the search for your soul mate. Start cautiously in beginning by only forwarding the new e-mail address you created and restricting interaction only through it.

There are also a few other things that you should be aware of in the beginning of this process:

  • Always be on high alert about any kind of improper behavior or information mismatch and if you find anything like this, please report it so that our team can handle that issue and solve it.
  • You’ll notice that the individuals who are well-intentioned will always respect your privacy and also will never force you to rush in any way. They’ll understand your situation and won’t be rude about it.
  • Never ever use pre-set lines in your e-mails that contain your real email address and phone number by default. Because in that way, you’ll be giving your personal information to the other person by yourself. When you both are having a conversation for a few days and trust each other, only then you should disclose your personal information but still you should keep it slow.
  • Do reference checks

Whenever you start using our services for finding a life partner, please make sure that you meet the other person first and get to know each other in real life. If it all works out well, then you should meet their family. Even after that, we recommend that you should definitely do a complete reference check before you proceed further. Don’t hesitate to ask any question you have in your mind, because even some little things can cause you to harm in the long run. 

  • Safety in public

When you are going to meet the other person for the first time, you should absolutely be careful as much as you can. You don’t know how the other person is if he/she is even real or not etc. So much can go wrong in a matter of seconds! That’s why we always suggest our users that they should meet their matches in safe public places only, like parks, cafes and restaurants where you have people around you. Also, you should always inform someone about your meet up, it can be anyone from your friends or family, but we recommend that you should tell your parents so they would know where you are.

  • Insist for a photo

When you see a picture of the other person, it would help a lot to get an idea of what kind of individual he/she is. Our matrimonial website, Luvmelody, has the option by which you can request the other person to send a photo of him/her. This option allows them to delete the picture whenever they want and you can’t take a screenshot of their photo. After so many security measures, anybody who’s trying to avoid providing you with a photo offering various excuses is trying to conceal something.

You can protect yourself from so many scammers by applying just this one trick. Also, you’ll get a clear picture of how the other person looks like. Personality says a lot about a person, even more than you think!

  • Never give money to anyone

If the person you are talking to asks for some kind of financial help, or even begs you to transfer funds, please don’t! These people are just here to scam other individuals by making fake excuses. You should not give money to anyone on this platform no matter what it is.

  • Do Note The Warning Signs

Please be aware all the time and watch for warning signs. Because many scammers in these matrimonial websites will do anything to take advantage of you. You should notice every little sign and if something you think is wrong, block that person and report that profile. It will help us to clean our platform from such people.

  • Limitation of liability

This website is purely for the people who intend to get married only, but since anyone can register here, it is totally your responsibility to identify and act safely on behalf of yourself. In no event shall or its licensors or suppliers be responsible for special, incidental, or significant damages, lost profits, lost data or confidential or other information, loss of privacy whatsoever and howsoever caused.